By registering for SPATEX Virtual, I understand and agree that my personal data may be held and used by the organiser of this event, SPATEX Ltd, in order to run the event and for analyzing visitor traffic with a view to improving the experience for visitors.

Trade registration data is supplied (subject to GDPR Regulations) and is not shared with any third party before the event. During or after the event, the data may be used by the organisers to promote SPATEX Virtual and future shows.

Your personal information will not be used by SPATEX Ltd for any other purposes.

I confirm my consent to SPATEX Ltd holding my data for the purposes listed above

Therefore please note that your data (subject to GDPR Regulations) will not be shared with SPATEX Virtual Exhibitors whose stands you have not visited during or in the 30 days after the show unless you tick here.

While you are at the event you will likely visit one or more exhibitors on their stand. When you click on a stand the SPATEX Virtual Exhibitor will have access to your name and contact information (including email address) which you provided during this registration process in order for them to follow up post event. If you do not want your email address shared with SPATEX Virtual Exhibitors whose stands you have visited please tick here.